EMTs & Paramedics are Essential to California’s Public Safety

  • In an emergency, seconds can be the difference between life and death. Prop 11 ensures that EMTs and paramedics can quickly respond to provide the critical care you need when you call 911.

Vote YES on Prop 11 to Protect Public Safety

Prop 11 Ensures Your 911 Emergency Care Will Not Be Delayed

  • Prop 11 establishes into law the longstanding industry practice of paying private EMTs and paramedics to remain reachable during their work breaks in case of an emergency – just like firefighters and police officers.
  • A recent California court ruling could stop this longstanding practice and require private EMTs and paramedics to be completely unreachable while on break. This means if the closest ambulance to an emergency is on break when you call for help, 911 dispatchers would have NO WAY to reach the ambulance crew because California law would require all communications devices to be turned OFF and the crew to be completely unreachable..
  • This would seriously impact public safety in California because private EMTs and paramedics respond to about 75% of the state’s 911 emergency medical calls.
  • Prop 11 ensures public safety will not be compromised and when a patient needs 911 emergency care, an ambulance will not be delayed or prevented from responding.

Prop 11 Provides EMTs & Paramedics With FEMA Level Training for Disasters

  • Whether it is an earthquake, mass shooting or wildfire, California faces disasters all too often. It is essential that EMTs and paramedics are able to respond quickly and deliver lifesaving medical care during mass casualty events, like active shooter incidents and natural disasters.
  • Prop 11 requires that emergency medical crews are paid by their employer to receive additional training that meets FEMA standards for violence prevention, active shooter, mass casualty, and natural disaster incidents.

Prop 11 Says EMTs & Paramedics Should Receive Mental Health Benefits

  • It takes a special type of person to be an EMT or paramedic — often times responding to medical emergencies in a high stress work environment and encountering tragedies.
  • Prop 11 requires employers to provide emergency medical crews with mandatory mental health coverage, as well as yearly mental health and wellness training.

Prop 11 Gives EMTs & Paramedics Workplace Protections

  • EMTs and paramedics should have workplace protections to ensure they are well-rested.
  • Prop 11 continues the practice of giving EMTs and paramedics an additional hour of pay if they miss a break and it cannot be made up during their work shift.
  • Prop 11 also requires 911 ambulance operators to maintain high enough staffing levels to provide coverage for breaks.

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